Just To Share About Diflucan Oral Pill

Hi. I am into my 14th week pregnancy. Just to share my experience with my first gynae. When I visited my first gynae, I informed him that I suspected that I am having yeast infection. Also informed him that I have previously seen a GP for it but it doesn't seems to full cure it. He didn't do any check before prescribing me with one Diflucan Oral pill. I read up on the instruction on the pill and it said that the pill is not recommended for pregnant women as there are spontaneous reports on abortion and abnormalities risks in fetus. I was shocked but it was fortunate that I didn't took the pill yet. I called up the clinic and the nurse told me that the doctor gave all his pregnant patients that pills for yeast infection. I went to seek another opinion which is my current gynae. He mentioned that the pill is not suitable for pregnant women. To treat yeast infection for pregnant women, doctors will normally insertion pills and not oral pills. So Mummy-to-be out there, I will recommend that you do read up on instruction before taking pills.

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Hi... thanks for sharing

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