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Hi, this is my first pregnancy and in at 8 weeks now. I know morning sickness is normal and common but at which point should I start worry because I have been running in and out of the toilet the whole day. I can eat but after a few hours I will throw up again. I'm just worried because I have been going on mc for a couple of days since I found out I was pregnant and I dont feel up to it to go to work in this nauseating and vomiting condition.

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There is no time line to start worrying.. If it gets severe even if you have water and it continues to 2nd trimester... You can visit hospital and ob gyn..but by 13th week generally these symptoms seems to pass .. I would advice try having natural folates instead of over the counter tablets.. eat leafy greens and meat and B vitamins... and less sugary food.. I didn't have nausea at all ...I only followed low carb diet and also had everything organic and tried eating lots of kale and omega fish oils.. if you feel nauseous try to drink some ginger tea and camomile .... ..Eat in small portions...and have electrolytes in water... after vomiting... Take care and stay rested ..

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Hi, i have mummies who vomit till 3rd trimester. She wasn't given medication but she learnt how to cope with what type of food makes she not puke easily, how much to eat etc. But usually the vomiting will stop after 2nd trimester, or even earlier. You just havebto listen to your body and rest. I know work dont wait, but carry a bb n ur health is more impt.

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