Feeling emotional at 33 weeks pregnancy

I am in my 3rd trimester and i have been feeling very emotional and occasionally just start crying for no reason. I also find it hard to sleep at night, many nights i will wake up like every 2 hours and cannot sleep. I keep telling myself not to feel like that as it might affect my baby and my husband too. Any other mummies have same symptoms?

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Hello mummy! Third trimester too, the mood swing is real and I’m feeling you :( I try to get myself distracted by preparing baby items(buying, deco, etc), at least that keeps me happy. At night I get insomnia too, lots and lots of worry about taking care of newborns and sometimes even work/life. I guess hubby’s emotionally supports will be helpful. Stay positive :)

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I'm at my 3rd trimester too. Mood swings are normal for me, I'll be emotional, sometimes I'll get angry too fast too, but definitely love to sleep more even when I can't sleep properly. I will still go to sleep. In one day I'll tend to have 3/4 naps. if you can't sleep well at night. try have naps in the afternoon or evening.

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6mo ago

Amin. Sulaiha mana eh? BAHAHA. I FORGET. you can add me at my ig if you wanna talk or something!! ilaariellaa

Hi mummy, I’m also in 3rd trimester now, but could be too busy at work and meet up friends . So no time to feel emo, but only feel tired especially wake up in the middle of night to go toilet . May be you can meet up more positive friend to cheer you up 😃

Same here! I feel so miserable. Sometimes I cant just wait to give birth cos its affecting my mood so much. I cant sleep properly, I cant walk properly cos my tummy is soo big and heavy.. 😓 and I cant breath properly too! Its sooooo frustrating!!

yes im also like that..its hard to sleep and very emotional

Try to listen to some healing music in Spotify or in the media of this app

yes feel so very emotional

me too

Seems normal

same here