I have a question regarding HDB housing grants. I'm a Singaporean and my hubby is a foreigner on Long term visit pass. He is working while I'm taking care of our lo full time. We applied for a BTO and got it. Problem is we are not sure if we are able to get the housing grant as I'm not working and no CPF. We submitted his payslips to give it a try to see if we are eligible. But since he is still a foreigner so we are not sure if we can get it. Any one gone through this before or is able to explain more? Thanks in advance.

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Read this article. No mention on personal income and only mention of household income. http://m.todayonline.com/singapore/sporeans-non-citizen-spouses-may-apply-two-room-bto-flats

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grant is based mainly on household incomes. do rmbr to include LO name inside to get more grant

5y ago

I'm the main applicant, my hubby and child is listed as the occupier. My hubby is the only one working but he hasn't get his PR so not sure if we can get the grant.