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This is my first pregnancy and still not sure if ill be sending my baby to infant care after Maternity leave ends or not. 1. Usually whats the price range for infant care fees per month? Any deposit ? Any subsidy if both parents working ? 2. if we apply, will we confirm get it or depends on the slot and availability ? 3. Is it mandatory to send our baby everyday or we can choose if we want to send everyday or some days we can skip ? (In the event one of parents on leave)

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1. Depends on the centre. I paid for deposit of a month, registration fee, insurance for 1 year as well as school fee. Subsidy will be as follow 2. Highly advice to apply as early as 1 year beforehand at your preferred centre. Slots for IFC/CC is very limited therefore if unavailable will be waitlist. Otherwise, if you prefer the same school but different outlet they might recommend you that too. 3. Highly advice to send since you paid for a full month fee. You may get plenty of rest too. Alternatively, if you wish to spend more time together then you may opt that too.

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Usually u just need to enquire and they will put u on waiting list. May also ask you to fill in some forms but so far for me no deposit given until abt 2-3 months to enrolment and tt's when the sch will ask for salary slips etc.

1) Depends on centre but usually so far I see tt the full amount is above 1k for infantcare. The infantcare where my son goes to charge abt 1.3k. Yes subsidy for working mother. I got the basic $600 subsidy, u can get additional subsidy if your household income is below 12k. Once child goes childcare, subsidy reduces to $300 but the whole fees also reduced. 2) Depends on the centre too. Best to apply as early as possible. 3) You don't need to send every day but needs to at least attend infantcare one day in a calendar month to get the subsidy for that month. But usually, parents will send every day unless baby is sick.

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Mine infant care is $1800 per month before working mom subsidy ($600). If you tell them you need a slot and you pay a deposit in advance you can secure with the school. It is not mandatory, usually you can send them as and when you went within the school timing. You can pick and send them anytime (within the school operating timing) hope this helps

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1.*/!STANDARD They only consider whether mum is working, no working dad subsidy. 2. Best to apply a year before, slots are depending on availability. 3. I would just send and pick up earlier to accompany baby since you already paid for the school fees.

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It works just as place of interest, meaning to say putting your kids name at the preferred centre. Soon as you have a slot and guaranteed space then they will let you know of the paper work needed. No payment needed. If there's no slot then you will be on waitlist till there's slot.

We send our LO to sch except when she has PD apptment or she is unwell. Unless daddy is unwell and not going work, then we keep her home as well because the sch is not really accessible if nv drive…

if mum not working, can still get subsidy?

4mo ago