My baby keep crying nonstop

I have one 3 months bbygirl She keeep crying nonstop after she reach home with me But outside she keep smiling nlaughing nonstop But when reach home she keep crying nonstop Even after milk and diapers and like kena scare liddat kind when I went to take her clothes to change for her my mum quickly put some Dk what herbal powder on her tongue and put the pacifier in and say to me oh I put some powder at the tongue so she won’t kena scare and all idk is about traditional Chinese now I worrying if anything will happen to my child ..

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Umm you need to know what herbal powder is that. Hope it wont affect her throat. Jz try to soothe baby maybe by patting her or cuddle her alil more to sleep. I heard white noise helps.

Not to worry, babies are rather sensitive about their surroundings, example in air tight environment. Give them fresh air and play some light music to soothe your baby.

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She’ll be fine. Just be around and hold her lots