Low milk supply

I have low milk supply with my 2nd child . He kept on crying demanding for more milk .. tried giving him formula milk but he rejected. Can any mummies suggest any formula and milk bottle thats good for breastfeeding baby?

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I had low supply but im taking a lactation drink that made me a confident breastfeeding mum. Dont give up on breastfeeding. I didnt breastfeed my first. im happy to get this experience with my girl... also she drinks with pigeon soup spoon. we tried pigeon soft touch but still refused as she is a latching baby.

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1y ago

thank you so much! will check them out 😄

My baby is on mixed feeding. Drink S26, using pigeon bottles. Maybe he doesn’t like that particular formula brand ure using?

1y ago

i think so. will try switching other brands . thanks for replying ! 😄

Super Mum

Hi mama! It must be tough. Hang in there okay? May I ask how old is baby and how long you’ve been breastfeeding please?

1y ago

6 months old .. been breastfeeding since i gave birth to my 1st last year ..