I have irregular hormone but my husband expects another child. How should I improve my hormone. What kind of diet should I consume?

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Thanks to you Dr Ofua for the great help you render to my family, your advice and herbs really worked out the way you said it will be, we pray that God grant you good health and long life to help people who are trying to get pregnant, just the way i was before i met you, today me and my husband we are now proud parents of two children, and we owe it to you sir, Indeed you are truly Great.  Before i contacted Dr Ofua Ofure for help, I have been trying to get pregnant for years, I try several pregnancy pills i heard about Clomid and i also gave it a try, Clomid has side effect I tried and i ended up having scars more complications, but there are better herbs tincture that will help with infertility problem. Restore your period, hormonal imbalance, Fallopian tube, scar issue, not ovulating, Above all it will increase your fertility and get pregnant.You can contact Dr Ofua on thegreatherbalhealinghome @ gmail . com or call/whatsapp +2347059497969 He was the one who help me, with his herbal medicine and today am a proud mother of two kids., Once again we say thanks to you sir.

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Agrees with Diana, you should consult with your gynea for a blood test to find out the best treatment plan. If you are considering TCM, here is how TCM could help: - Increasing the blood circulation in your reproductive organs - Balancing your hormones e.g. increasing progesterone and reducing andogens - Reducing dampness that can cause blockages like cysts and fibroids - Strengthening overall immunity - Fighting stress and improving emotional well-being - Reducing the side effects of IVF drugs - Lowering the risk of miscarriage You can consider going to Eu Yan Sang clinics, TCM Healthcare Medical Centre or Thong Chai Medical clinics if you would to give TCM a try. Good luck!

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You can visit gynae to find out what are the hormonal problems you are facing. Gynae will do a blood test for you to confirm and give medication. You can try TCM too but it takes longer to treat and no guarantee of results. I have tried TCM for 6 months when trying to conceive my second baby however it can't solve my hormone issues. TCM effectiveness depends on individual body. Thus, if you wish to pin point the problem, let gynae diagnose it and treat accordingly. However, if you are still breastfeeding, the hormones treatment might affect your breastmilk supply. Thus, do consider the effects if you decide to take western medication.

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To ride on what Diana & Hui Qun's input, it's also important for you to be well rested and not to be stress at all. There are also factors like smoking and drinking alcohol which could affect your hormones as well. Read this article to find out more :) http://sg.theasianparent.com/irregular_menses_dr_dana_elliott_srither/

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Add ground flax seed into your meal or drink. It helps for me to balance my hormone.