Only yolk sac visible in week 7 (according to lmp)

Hi all, I have just had my first dr appointment today. Only the yolk sac is visible based on the ultrasound with no sign of the fetus or fetus heartbeat detected. The dr said it might still be early weeks in the pregnancy and to come back two weeks later. Has anyone had similar experiences and is it a red flag for possible miscarriage :(

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Hi mom to be, have faith. Im having the same situation as u. According to my LMP my fetus shud be in its 7 weeks n thru the first scan 2 days ago the dr only see a small dot with no heartbeat detected n according to its size of a 5 weeks fetus. Dr yet to commit that the fetus too but he said I have same of the pregnancy symptoms as my womb is showing same development to show ready for pregnancy womb. Dr said it cud be early pregnancy n will have to come see him in a week time. Let’s pray dear for each other lil miracle 🙏🏻

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2y ago

Thanks for the encouragement!! Hopefully everything will turn out fine for both of us 🙏🙏 I’ll be seeing the dr in two weeks time.. feels like a super long wait 😢

I had the same experience too! I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant, KKH gave me an appointment on my 6th week. I had a scan and could only see the yolk sac. They scheduled me to come back on the 8th week for another scan and there it was - the pounding tiny little heart. I was worried at first too, I was thinking a miscarriage too. But it was just a little too early. So don’t you worry! Everything will be fine.

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Normally gynae will only start to see you on the 8th week onwards. That's when things are clearer and you can even hear baby's heartbeat. Gynae will also measure the fetus and gives you an estimated EDD. You're probably still too early than 7 weeks. Your LMP is never accurate even with a regular cycle. Only with ultrasound

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I had the same experience, they can see the yolk but not the pole; hence they confirmed I’m pregnant but I need to return a few later to scan again to confirm if baby is still there. Mine turn out ok. So be positive. It might be too early to detect the pole or the heart beat. Pray that both you and baby are well.

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hello. galing ako sa OB ko kahapon and 7weeks na daw ako pero sac palang nakikita sa tvs ultrasound ko and wala pa daw pong heartbeat.. meron din ako spotting for 5 days na ngayon and minsan may abdominal cramps ako.. meron bang nakaranas ng ganito? sobra akong nag woworry😓 thank you

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Sometimes for naturally conceived bb... It could be late ovulation and implantation, so by using ur last known menses, it might not be an accurate gauge. Perhaps see dr in 2 weeks time, by then should be able to conclude if its viable. Best of luck =)

On my first appt I was supposedly 6 weeks base from LMP. but the dr saw my GS only and told me that it might not progress. I got disheartened and seek another OB. Now im at 11 weeks and baby is doin fine. :)

2y ago

May I know which gynae you went to? i am currently under subsidized and thinking whether to stick to just 1 gynae to have a better monitor of my baby.. my 1st scan only GS seen, 2nd scan baby still very tiny (0.27cm) with 5.5w GA.. Two days ago I rushed to A&E due to bleeding and I had another scan. GA is supposed to be abt 6.5w but according to size it's only 6w.. My another scan will be about 9 days later, I am so worried now...

I’m going through same experience when I went for my scan a few days ago (week 6 going to week 7). Still worried but will stay positive! You too, stay strong! My next scan is next week..

4mo ago

Hi, Can i go with you also too next week for the scan?

I had the same experience with you. No need to worry about it being a possible miscarriage. The heartbeat will come in the next few days.

My baby's heart beat detected at 8 weeks