Week 5 ultrasound

I went for an ultrasound today. The doctor said the water bag is 1cm and the yolk sac is visible. However she is unable to detect the baby. She asked me to come back 2 weeks later. Did anyone experience this before?

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still early. I only went to gynae at week 7 plus for 2 preg. my gynae said I very garang. I told him go early cant even hear heartbeat, y waste money see him... dont stress yourself too much. sometimes its good to be chill

2y ago

thank you for the assurance. i was so disappointed yesterday cus this is my first pregnancy and i was looking forward to see heartbeat. it was quite upsetting when the sonographer cannot even locate a baby.

Super Mum

Perfectly normal:) that’s why in many centres, they only do the ultrasound later around 7-8 weeks. Because only then can you see baby + the heartbeat clearly

2y ago

It’s natural to feel nervous:) but right now, focus on taking your folic acid and eating well and resting more

Still too early. I went at 8 weeks, cld easily see and hear the heartbeat.

2y ago

okay i will wait a while more then! thank you for sharing with me