No fetal pole with yolk sac at 7 week ultrasound

I did my first ultrasound at 7 week based on LMP. No fetal pole can be seen. Only gestational sac and yolk sac can be seen. Did blood test to check if my HCG level is doubling (supposed to double) and seeing gynae in 5 days time... Just want to ask if anyone been through similar experience? Care to share? Hoping for the best 🌼

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Do you have irregular menses? I just did my check up and my baby seems smaller than usual. Doc said since i got irregular menses its not accurate to count by the usual method. I am supposed to be week 7 but baby size is at week 6. So possibly the same for you? Think positive and stay strong!

4y ago

Sadly my menses quite regular. Thank you for sharing β™₯️

Could you have gotten your dates wrong? Sometimes you can ovulate later in your cycle, hence, going by LMP is inaccurate. Hopefully your next scan is more decisive and you’ll get to see baby!

4y ago

My dates are correct. I only had sexual intercourse on 7 July 2020 so gynae calculated it should be 7 weeks. I hope for the best but mentally prepared for the worst too. Thank you for your reply.

some experiences are not nice to share. Be strong always. When you meet your doctor after 5 days, follow his advises.