I went for gynae today for the scan only detected yolk sac and waterbag ... is this normal ?quite worrying:(

Went for my first gynae appointment today for the scan and only detected the yolk sac & water bag.. is this normal?actually i’m @ week 8 pregnancy based on my LMP but according to my gynae i only @ week 5. So i request for bloodtest to check for the hormone level and pending for result. My gynae also prescribed hormones pill for me. Anyone here having the same experience? Need some advice. Thanks

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Same here. Happened last year accompanied with bleeding. Went to A&E and can only see the gestational sac. Went thrice to 2 different hospitals. Same answer everytime. Was also prescribed the hormones pills. And my gs stayed the same at 5 weeks for 2 weeks. Was sent to fetal care centre and it was confirmed baby is gone 😭 But do not lose hope. Maybe baby is still too small to detect. Wait for another checkup. All the best mummy!

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