I have bm stored in normal chilled fridge & I would like to try freezing them. Can I confirm if the milk is less than 3 days I can freeze them? And my fridge is those with bottom freezer, does the 3 month rule still applies? It is advised to put at the "back of the freezer" does it mean I just put the milk bags further in?

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Yes, you can store bm in freezer up to 6-12 months even after you place them in fridge (without freezing) for 3 days. Yes, you need to put the breastmilk storage bags further in the freezer if you tend to open the freezer quite often so to maintain the temperature of the milk (18-20 degree celcius). If you have chest/upright freezer, it will be not problem if you didn't put the bags at the back of freezer.

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According to this article, you can give the refrigerated milk a "sniff test" just to make sure it has not gone bad before transferring it into the freezer. Generally, it should be fine. http://www.thebump.com/a/can-i-freeze-refrigerated-breast-milk

thanks for your reply. I don't have milk bags. can I freeze them in storage bottles?

6y ago

yes, provided ur storage bottles is allow to put for freezing.. cause nt all bottles is suitable to put in freezer