can i put my breastmilk in fhe fridge and after that put it in the freezer ?

I would like to ask of i can put my breastmilk in the freezer after i store it at the fridge ?

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Super Mum

Yes, but personally I didn’t do that. Was quite afraid of contamination of milk/build up of bacteria. For me, if I refrigerate my milk, it stays there till it’s heated up for consumption (within 1-2 days). If the milk’s meant to be frozen, it goes straight into the milk storage bag and into the freezer. No mixing of batches of milk. If I need more milk per feed, I’d warm up 2 packs later on.

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Yes. What i did was i kept in the fridge first and accumulate into 1 bag before i store. Usually i will store the moment its full to keep the freshness

Can but freezing it as soon as possible is best to keep the nutrients.