instant noodle during pregnancy

I have been craving kimchi ramyeon shin cup every single day! Some days i cant resist myself, how often should I consume instant noodle? is once a week too much?? :(

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Wow most of everyone answering you is so disciplined! I’m naturally someone who prefers to take a balanced approach. If I crave for maggi mee, I’ll share with hubby (tho admittedly I’ll take the bigger share 😂) and load it with veggie and eggs. I try not to curb my cravings too much cos I find that if I do that, I’ll be miserable and/or eat more later. I don’t have a particular limit, mainly cos I don’t have such cravings so often…all the more reason why I honour my cravings! But I can imagine that if I crave every other day, I’ll just eat my “safe food” that I ALSO equally enjoy and will automatically forget about my cravings…make sure you have a list of “safe and good for baby” list of food to distract yourself with. Mine is anything to do with tuna, spinach, nuts or mushrooms.

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Hi! I think cravings in general won't last throughout the pregnancy. so, it should be fine to eat it once a week for a short length of time. balancing it with other nutritious food like fresh veg and proteins is good advice too! just eat everything in moderation, even if it's a "good food". I had strong cravings for spicy food and I took them almost everyday for 1 week... until I developed a sore throat that last 3 weeks.. that made me stop the spicy food craving completely 😆 now I have moved on to a new craving- potatoes..

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To combat your cravings, you may want to understand where your cravings come from. for example, is ramen instant noodles carving because of needing salt? Then find a healthier alternative to get the salt craving settled. or is it fats? then perhaps would butter or avocado work? if craving for cakes, then likely sugar, see if having natural preservative free orange juice works? basically the idea of working with craving is to go for the same micronutrients of a healthier alternative.

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this app has a function named Food & Nutrition. they stated instant noodles r a big no no simply because it's unhealthy in general. but I do understand the craving as I just ate it last night haha! Once a week is too much. maybe try once every 2-3 weeks?

I crave instant noodle when pregnant. I will eat if I m very craving. The more I resist the worst I eat more than normal. Offcourse, I dun eat when I m not very craving, I would eat cook noodle and not instant noodle.

Try to avoid instant noodle eventhough you crave it. Once in awhile can but every week seems alot.

Can. In moderation. I ate it twice during my whole pregnancy

Yea u can eat to fulfill the craving. 🙂