Hungry at night - last trimester

Hi mummies i have been feeling hungry recently at night and opt for instant noodle with egg. Can someone pls tell me my baby will be ok😭 i have been eating instant noodle thrice a week for a month now 🥺🥺

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actually no, it’s not safe to tell you that. it can affect your baby’s brain development and baby is at high risk of hypertension and renal issues due to the amount of sodium intake. your pregnancy is also at risk of preeclampsia. you must really reduce your intake and opt for other foods instead. please reconsider for your baby’s sake. this asianparent even has an article on it:

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Everything in moderation. I eat instant noodles as a meal too and in my humble opinion, I think the frequency you’re eating instant noodles is too much. I’m in my last trimester too and I try to make sure there is always something for me to eat when I’m hungry. Instant noodles is one of my choices and my other choices includes fruits, cereals, bread, biscuits, yoghurt, etc.

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Altho im in second trimester but i often crave for maggie noodles and eat them regularly too…