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Hi all, I have an appointment at NUH FCC (Fetal Care Centre) next week. My last appointment Dr mentioned they will conduct detailed scan. May I know what is detailed scan consist of? And is my husband allowed to observe during the scan? Thank you.

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Hi there Mummy. I went for detailed scan earlier than 13 weeks. It was at 8 weeks as they want to ensure my baby is alright since I had miscarriaged last year. They did the transvaginal since the abdominal wasn't clear. They just want to ensure baby is growing alright. They told me next is at 20 weeks but gynae at Clinic G requested for me to get scan at FCC on my 12 weeks. It was just the abdominal scan since can see. Actually I feel a sense of relief everytime I am able to see how my baby is doing. I'm at my 13 weeks too now so next is 20 weeks scan. Next appt is 16 weeks but no scan. Just take it as they just want to ensure your baby is doing alright. (:

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2y ago

Ohyes husband is definitely allowed. And to add on, it has been 6 years since I had my 1st born so when I saw my baby moving at 12 weeks, my heart just fluttered. ♥️♥️

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Yes your hubby will be there to view the scan with you together. If you agreed with transvaginal scan during some part of the scan , you may not need to keep a full bladder during visit. During scan usually consists of checking of cleft lips, fingers etc.

Detailed scan will scan all of the heart, lungs, check the number of fingers and toes etc etc. Basically is Super detail and you can see what the little fella is doing inside! Sometimes if you are lucky you can see baby waving. Husband can accompany you in.

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But they already give me a date next week. Maybe it's not this detailed scan Dr is talking about. Maybe another type of scanning as Dr said so far I've only done bedside scanning so she want do the official one. Let's just wait till next week. :) thanks.

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Yes they will allow one accompanying partner per patient. They will do a cross section of the organs, heart rate/blood flow, count of fingers and also gender reveal. Very exciting scan!

Hi all, thanks for answering my question although this was posted some time ago and my due date is in another 4 days only! Hahas I wish all mummies the best :)

Yup hus is allowed.. but to bad we cnt record and took photo.. but the ultrasound scan is not so clear.. i prefer the screen from a&e much clear..

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Hi, i have had one scan at 13 weeks for the NT(down syndrome) and another one will be in 3 weeks which will be FA Scan(21 weeks)

Yes, hubby can go with u to see the scan. Depends on the week. Usually scan to see if all parts of baby is developing well.

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Are you at Week 20? Most probably would do the FA scan. Basically a detailed scan to check for any fetal abnormalities

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Yes hubby is allowed In detailed scan they check heart chambers, all bone measurements, face all features, etc