Growth Scan at 28 week? (KK subsidised)

hi mummies! my last detailed scan was the 20 week fetal anomalies and gender scan. i'm scheduled for glucose test at week 25 and the next ADC scan at week 28. i read the growth scan is usually in the 3rd trimester between 32-36 week which is also the last detailed scan (referring to the usual routine scans) am i scanning too early? should i request to reschedule later? or does this mean they will probably schedule another one later? how many detailed scans would you normally have to go through? thanks in advanced!

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same goes for me! under kk subsidised, just went for my glucose test at 24wk & scheduled for growth scan at 28wk. :( probably just have to go with the flow & treasure every adc scan hahaha

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Detailed scan was at my 20 week which was my last detailed scan! For growth, it’d be at wk28! Ftm so im unsure & just going with the flow 🤣

It's normal nothing to worry about, your doc knows best 😊


I had 2 detailed scans and I think the timeline is good

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It was the same procedure for me.