4D Ultrasound

Do we have to request for a 4D ultrasound in NUH at fetal care centre (FCC)? Or will they offer one for us? I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and my next check up at NUH FCC will be on the 19th September. I was just curious #FirstTimeMumHere

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You can ask your gynae for recommendations. Most likely will have to get it done at a private clinic. Just a suggestion, I did mine at 30 weeks and I didn’t get very good results because it was too tight in there and according to the technician, my baby’s face was tightly pressed onto the sides of my belly so the images weren’t clear/ complete (like can only get half of the face). She suggest that the best time to get it done is around 28 weeks.

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I believe so cs most hospital dont have it but if they have it its not included in your antenatal care appointments. And also will have additional charges and would need to call up for appointment seperately.

3mo ago

Oh I see. Makes sense now hahaha thank you so much! :)

did my 32wk scan at nuh fcc and its the normal version, same as the one used for 20w. Nuh didn't ask nor offer,so u probably need to ask for it.

3mo ago

Alright will do! Thank you!