Heavy bleeding after positive pregnancy test

Hi all, my first gynae appointment will be in March. My period was about 2 weeks late, I then took a first pregnancy test last weekend and it showed positive, took a second one on Wednesday and it showed positive too. After the second test, I had some spotting the day after. Started with streak of bloody discharge, then followed by dark brown spotting. Woke up at 1am today to only feel more blood. Not enough to soak a pad but enough to soak a liner. Is this miscarriage? I would honestly say the bleeding is quite heavy compared to spotting. I’ve had spotting before for my previous pregnancy but nothing like this.

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Hi, thanks both for the replies. I did went to A&E and it turns out to be a threatened miscarriage. Was given hormone injection to help protect the pregnancy. I have to monitor the bleeding to ensure the baby doesn’t pass out together with the bleeding.

It might be miscarriage or just normal bleeding. Would suggest for you to go KKH O&G immediately to check and not wait for gynae appt. If they ask you for follow up just mentioned you have gynae taken up and at which hosp.

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Better go to o&g for check-up sis. I had the same thing during my very 1st pregnancy and it turns out to be a miscarriage. 😞 its best u go and hv it check just to be sure.

I lost my baby today. I was not expecting this kind of pain.

10mo ago

I am sorry sis. Pray for you that your rainbow baby will appear soon 🌈