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I had a miscarriage last October 2018 due to blighted ovum. I had a spotting and bleeding but no cramping and undergo d&c. And now this year 2019, I am 10 weeks pregnant based on my LMP. I also had 5 positive pregnancy test. I went to an OB twice for check up and ultrasound. At 7 weeks she didn't find anything in my ultrasound and she said may be it's too early to find the sac. I came back after 2 weeks and had another abdominal ultrasound but still cannot find anything. I went to other clinic for transV but still no sac in my uterus. I don't feel any cramping or bleeding. And now i have a schedule for beta HCG to see if I am really pregnant. What should I do? Is there anything wrong? I'm nervous for my next check up..

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Think possitive and always pray sis. Everything will be okay and best result. God bless!

4y ago

Be strong dear. Pray that there will be a positive progress. Also, ready yourself for any possibilities din na pwede mangyari. I myself just had D&C last Jan 25. Continuous bleeding ako for a week, unti unti na pala ako naagasan. Nung TVS ako ng Jan 24 dun nalaman na wala na si baby and need ang D&C asap. Nasaktan ako sa nangyari dahil I really wanted to have a baby again, after 18yrs. Pero ganun nangyari eh. I'm now recovering and healing. Naisip ko na may better plans si Lord kaya nangyari lahat ng ito. Stay strong.. positive.. and always PRAY. 💖