When is the ideal week for first gynea appt?

I had a miscarriage last Nov. At week 6 , fetal pod was not detected through transvirginal ultrasound. Dr diagnosised my pregnancy was inviable pregnancy. I was asked to go back for HCG test and the level was not rising. Spotting few days later and i had a miscarriage. Few weeks ago, I missed my period and was tested positive using home preg kit. Was at the polyclinic this morning to confirm the pregnancy. Dr said based on my lmp I should be around week 5/6. Due to “elderly pregnancy”! I was referred to kkh with the earliest appt to get my first gynae check. I’m 41 this year, with 2 boys through normal delivery. I’m very much worried to go through the same cycle of tests and fear. Given a kkh appt next week which I would likely be at week 6/7. It is too early to detect anything?

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My first appointment withgynae was at 5 weeks. Was able to confirm pregnancy on ultrasound, could locate the sac and the foetus.

2y ago

Exactly at 5 weeks or 5 weeks plus?