Early pregnancy and sexual intercourse

Hi i just got married in June and currently my wife is on her 5 weeks pregnancy. As this is my first time, i am a little bit concern on our sexual intercourse because i am afraid that i could harm the baby. 1. Is it safe to do sexual intercourse during pregnancy? 2. Can i still ejaculate inside or do i need to release it outside

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it's best to reduce the frequently of doing the sexual intercourse . maybe if before this ,you have done it a week 4 times, maybe can lessen it to 2-3 times or 1 time at a week. and knowing your wife at the early stage of pregnancy (1st trimester) , you need to be more mindful on her condition too and not being too hard as the baby is still a bit fragile inside. Yes you can still ejaculate inside or out, but best to practice now is being more careful and try not to discomfort your wife. Just ask her what is okay for her and what is not. Baby is normally more stable when they're at 2nd trimester ☺️ Goodluck!

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nurse sarankan utk kurangkan waktu bersama. dan kalau nk juga kena slow jgn kuat2. risau kalau janin tak kuat akan gugur. utk soalan ke 2 sy tak pasti tp pengalaman sendiri buang je dlm so far takda masalah