14 months old don't want to drink milk

My daughter currently 14months d who attend infant care. She the who eat less during meals. Usually milk at 7pm then bath. After that finner 3-4 spoon then 8.30pm up to sleep. Before she go to sleep, she will drink her milk. But what concern me its been 3 days she dont want to drink milk before sleep. 7pm drink milk then eat 2 spoon dinner, 8.30pm bring her up to sleep, she dont want to drink milk. I afraid she dont get enough nutrition since she dont ate well. Os she teething or sick? Or its just a phase? Her next appt with PD 10/12/21. #advicepls

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Did you change the formula recently? Because that happened to my baby after changing it.

2mo ago

no leh its always has been brand nan optipro ha since day 1

she can manage slept throughout whole night then wakes at 6-7am for milk