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I am going out tomorrow for 6 -8 hours, bringing my pump out to pump . I only have one set of pump parts, is it possible to use it tomorrow repeatedly ? Put inside zip loc bag etc ?

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Hmm best not to... but if you REALLY have to then maybe you can store your pump in the fridge for your 2nd pump if there is a fridge there.. maybe pump right before you go out, then pump once while you're out around 4 hours later.. rush home and pump again asap.. would that work?

3y ago

No fridge as I’m heading to run errands at the Malls :( or I pump using the same parts but dispose the milk ?

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I have to pump twice at work daily without fridge.. I will pump and put parts in Ziplock and into my chiller bag.. then would reuse. No choice. My chiller bag quite cool with e many ice packs. Think it’s ur comfort level also.. All the best!

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