Can I give quinoa to my toddler?

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quinoa is an extremely healthy food that can greatly benefit your baby. it is loaded with protein, minerals and vitamins, as well as fiber and antioxidants that can help your baby's digestive system stay healthy. here are some fun and tasty quinoa recipes you can try for your baby

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Yes, totally! Quinoa is a rich source of Fibre and Iron. It has a great nutritional value. Infact, if your kid is being picky about vegetables, quinoa would certainly be great for them if added to the diet.

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Of course, Quinoa is refered to as a super food and is very nutritious. You can definitely give you toddler Quinoa, just make sure the quantity isnt too much for the 1st time.


Ohh yes, it is great food with many nutritional benefits.Start with a little amount to look for any allergic reactions.

yes you can definitely give quinoa to your toddler as it is a highly nutritious food.

Yes u may. Start initially with small qty to check for allergies

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Like your idea of starting small. Thanks :)

Yes, you can but Please check with any alergies..

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