Hi , I am getting a domestic helper in a few weeks' time. Can mummies with helper share some tips with me pls? Eg. Does ur helper eat the same food as u during mealtime? Do you scoop out her portion first etc? Many thanks for sharing ur insights.

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My mum's family have maids almost as long as I can remember. We have been blessed with good maids thru the 20+ years. So I would say treat ur maid like a special kind of friend who needs to heed ur instructions tho - but don't be bossy. Some maids are a bit slow-wit so u may need to train them. Helper eats the same food during mealtimes. If eating at home, have to ensure that everyone else eat alrdy then she eat or at least confirm others have enough first, so maybe it's like after feeding the kids and/or scooping for u n ur husband etc then she eat. If dinning out, if ur kids eat a v small portion then maybe u can get 1 main purse (e.g. Larger Chicken rice) then she scoop out some to give the kid and she will eat the rest. But also if possible let her choose what she wants to eat within an allowed range (maybe only from which pages if at restaurant) But be reasonable. Cannot always make her eat v v late if the other pple eat v late. See for urself if the food left is enough for her otherwise allow her to eat snacks or cook Maggie mee or egg it something to add if she wants

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Yes, same food as us. I usually ask my helpers to eat whenever they want. I never had any issue except for my current one. She takes a larger serving of rice, which I believe is sort of expected as she has to do a lot of manual work. However, she wasn't considerate if other family members will have enough or not, which I hadn't expected. So, I had to make it a rule that whenever she serves for even one person, she should serve for the rest equally. Rice is unlimited but not the rest of the stuff. With my experience, I suggest you start by serving for her first, and only when you are comfortable and she knows how your family works, let her take her own serving. Usually, In try to see that she gets either same as the rest of us, or slightly more. I think having good food and being treated well are the few things which can keep them motivated. I am not sure if she was hurt when I made this rule, but I had to do this so that my family doesn't suffer, and also I can't let my family budget go out of proportion.

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It's actually up to you ... my first helper couldn't take Indian food so she used to make her own noodles or veggies with rice ... and eat as per her convenience but my second helpers likes Indian food and eats the same... am not fussed about timing if we r late I force her to eat early and rest but most of the time she would wait till we eat and then eat... initially I used to scoop for her and later asked her to do for her self both worked ... try to keep it simple n check if she can take your own food of course say no to ur house rules in food if any and let her choose the timing to eat if before u then scoop for her and keep enough for family or later if she eats then keep enough for her. Hope it helps

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Hi there, yes she eats the same food as we do just no pork. As she cooks for us she will scoop out a portion for herself before placing our food on the dining table for us. She helps feed my LO while we eat and after we are done I’ll take care of my LO while she eats and thereafter washes up. For other food that we are sharing communally we take out a portion of food for her before we start eating also so she doesn’t eat ‘leftovers’ which is not a nice feeling. Hope this helps!

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Yes same food as what we eat and if we eat out, we will usually pack food for her as well. There is no hard core rule. It really depends on your comfort. Also, she eats right after we have our meals, at times we ask her to takeher portion of food first.

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I don't set any special rules for the helper. She'll eat together with my pil and can eat whatever she likes without limits. Sometime if she sicks with the foods she will cooks instant noodles to eat too or even cup noodles for her supper..

yes same food except for pork that she cant eat. i usually eat 1st, my hub come home v late at 9pm so I ask her to eat 1st while leaving enough for my hub. works well so far!