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Hi parents. Can you share with me your experiences with helper? Which agency do you go to and if there’s such thing as an agency that is affordable and does not cost too much for the whole process or are all agencies the same? Thinking of getting a helper but don’t know where to start.

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the helper i got was okay. i said okay cos she just started working for me for 4 months. i looked through at least 20 maid agency and lots of resume. i have to find someone that have ever looked after baby below 1yr. those who didnt take care of baby i will rule out. i also interview the maid thru videocall but state my rules clear. if she cannot accept any then i rule her out. for current covid situation u have to pay SHN and Swab test = $1.7k for maid coming in SG (COMPULSORY) on top of the agency fee etc. you can try google some. afterall, the maid is more important than the agency. some agency just blindly post but dont help the maid as they just want money. good luck sourcing, its not easy but i pray u will find a good one.😊

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