I am a first time mum, my pain tolerance is super super low to the extent when drawing blood I feel pain for the insertion or injection by requesting & using the smallest diameter needle. Docs and nurses often teased me for being such a baby. Recently I started to have a lot of phobias for delivery pain. Initially I was very worried but now I am having a freak out even I have scary dreams about the painful labour process lately. Now I am really constantly thinking of the pain that a pregnant mum (referring myself) that I have to endure and go through in future. I told my mum and mother in law about my serious fears regarding the pain. Mother in law told me the pain is not the dilation or tear in vagina, the real pains are the contractions throughout the 10hours+ duration. Is this true? Or the pains are when the baby is coming out of the vagina? I am so scared mummies! Pls help me. Pls tell me what to do because I am really extremely scared of the pain. I don't know where exactly the pain comes from and how to overcome them? Should I just go for C-sect to end the painful process for someone like me who is so afraid of pain? But I wanted a faster recovery so thinking of going for vaginal delivery with epidural. I heard epidural is a pain reducer, not a pain reliever. And I am very worried I am going to suffer prenatal depression right now. How or what should I do to seek mental consultation to relieve my tremendous fears for pain?

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hey babe - take an epidural. seriously no pain after epidural. i am also damn scared of pain. my first baby i just tolerate the contraction than cave to take epidural and then really no pain. for second baby i immediately just took epidural - so i never even experience the contraction pain. So if u cannot take pain, then dont try to hero and just take painkiller. after that like nothing at all. and cannot feel the vaginal tear as well.

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7y ago

Hi mummy, but I heard epidural is a pain reducer NOT a pain reliever right? So maybe the effects is different for individual?? Pls confirm you really don't feel pain after using epidural?? Or still got slight pain???

Hi mummy, I'm also like you who's afraid of pain even when drawing blood etc. Initially I thought of going through c sect, but usually hospital will encourage normal delivery. So I just gave it a try. I took epi when I wan 3cm dilate after that, there was no pain at all. I was still able to rest and take a nap. Don't think too much mummy, be strong!

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2y ago

I didn’t take epidural, I didn’t feel any pain at all NOT A SINGLE PAIN the only time doctor numb my vagina is for the stitching up! No pain I still can play with my phone even till the moment I was gonna push! Took only 10 mins or less💪🏻

Hi same as u I'm scare of injection/ drawing blood etc. But Guess what ? I went thru natural delivery w/o epidural cause by the time I was admitted I was already 8cm dilated .....N not everyone will experience Long labour. My labour took only 2 hrs. It could have been much faster if only I had pushed properly. I spent like 30min pushing (zzz)

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Hi mummy! 1) During contraction, but u may request to have it earlier so you might not even feel any contraction at all 2) Its a medication, it runs continuously till end of Labour 3) it's really good, the effect is almost like immediately, totally no pain at all. 4) just a start pain when they inject after that no pain at all

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7y ago

Hi how about the "pushing out of baby" from the cervix and vagina?? Any slightest pain felt??? And what about the stitching & cutting of the vagina??? Any pain felt too??? Is epidural or other anesthesia in place to relief the pain???

I'm pretty Similar to you as well. Anything to do with needles, medication or doctors freaks me out. I can pay say when it comes it will come. You won't have the energy to think of the pain. I would find a way to deal with the anxiety now. Breathing exercises

i am also low torlence for pain. even taking blood test i can cry.. thought i cant get ovee thru labour. but everything come naturally. i did took epidural then the lower body was just numb. everything will be over fast. no worries

omg im just like you sis... i just gave birth yesterday and the fear till now still in my mind... And now im feeling the same as u.. 😭 But looking at my baby i feel its worth every pain..

It will be painful, that's a fact. The best thing you could do is to relax. Either way it's going to come.