I find it tiring to bring my 17 month old toddler out. She does not like to hold my hand or sit in a stroller. I always had to keep an eye on her, and I did not manage to shop for anything. How do you mummies manage your toddler when you are bringing him/her out?

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I babywore her that time. I started road safety teachings when she was younger and insisted that crossing of roads must hold hands. I began with neighbourhood walks. At shopping mall I will insist on holding hands else off to home we go. Set a couple of rules with your child and abide by it. After awhile, your child will automatically hold hands with you. If I had to pay money or hands held up or eyes held up, I would instruct her to hold on to my shirt or place her hand into my pocket or hold on to my pants. My LO wasn't a stroller person from young; said I couldn't carry anymore or no strength and she would sit inside. All these take time. Have to keep reinforcing.

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