Im on my 28 wks pregnancy and found out that my baby is in breech position, how will I overcome this

I feel stressed whenever I think of this coz I don't want a c section on delivery

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Ako din po breech din si baby at 28 weeks po ata, nakinig lang po ako ng music sa YouTube to turn breech baby tas kausapin po si baby every day. Maging cephalic at pumwesto naman po sa next ultrasound ko


too early pa mommy. my baby also was in breech position on my 6th month of pregnancy, when I turned 7 months, baby was already in cephalic position until I gave birth to my baby boy at 34w5d via NSD.

my sister, 1 wk before delivery mali position nya. so si sister nagpamusic sa ilalim ng belly kasi susundan un ng bata.. a week after baby is in right position na

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Baby is still floating at 28 weeks. He/she can still change position. Try laying down more on your left side.

Mag baby music ka momsh then flashlight maririnig ni baby yun, ganyan ginawa ko so far okay naman

inistress mo lang sarili mo.