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Not a question, but need a place to share… I have my 18 months old son.. who is currently still unable to eat properly with fork and spoon and he is a picky eater. I tried and tried many times to teach him properly but my husband keep saying that it’s my fault my fault my fault.. “ you didnt teach properly, you never read enough from a book, you never google how to train your son properly, if my mother (in this case my MIL) take care he wont be like that and bla bla bla” All I hear from his mouth is just so so so negative. I am so tired and exhausted from taking care of my son from morning till he sleep at night. I feel like sh*t being compare with other mothers also.

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1 thing a husband SHOULD NEVER DO is comparing his wife to his mother. Of course different upbringing, different life styles. He should also make the effort to feed his own child. Why push everything to you or like he wants, his mother to do the feeding? Picky eaters are absolutely normal. Even if you do BLW, the child may probably grow up to be picky too. Don't blame yourself ok. But try as you might. Maybe take note of the foods he loves and probably add in the other foods that he hate secretly. Hang in there ok! You need rest too.

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