feeling sad plus worried.

i feel so bad not having to go to work due to my crazy morning sickness. can any one share with me how you overcome this with the boss? im working in a childcare by the way. i feel so bad that i couldnt turn up from work. but at the same time i dont have the concentration to work as im dealing with children and need to deal with my morning sickness. :(

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Shove the doc’s letter to indicate that you really cannot take it. Your boss could either be understanding or a prick. Or still go to work if you feel guilty but when the nauseous comes just head to one corner with your puke bag.

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Is it first trimester ? It should improves overtime and communication with your manager is impt. I’m sure she/he would understand cause working in a CC require a lot of energy too. Don’t take it too hard on yourself! Hang in there!

2y ago

im coming to my second trimester already but my morning sickness is still happening.

My mom made gooseberry salty candies for me..its easy to prepare,it really helped me also wake up slowly and eat dry crackers in morning in bed then slowly get up..have also done breathing exercise that also helped me

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Omg. Same! I work in childcare too. I decide to quit instead. Coz nobody understands and think that i am just an attention seeker!

2y ago

omg!! tell me about it. i dont want them to think that i am just too lazy to work kind of situation. but i cant help it as my morning sickness is reallyyyy a trouble for me to deal with. i am thinking of quiting too.

Visit your doctor for the medical leave. Your boss can't do anything with that, you have valid reason to not be at work

Hey, I think you should present the doc's letter to your boss which will make him understand about your condition.

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Do ask your gynae for a medical cert and diagnosis and some medicine...Take care!