Are dreams opposite?

I dreamt I gave birth to a baby boy. It's the first time I had such a clear dream. My new born was wearing a cap provided by the hospital and at the front of the cap, it's says, "It's a boy." And I saw his birdy. I'm 20.3 and gender still unknown. Anyone had such a dream and baby turned out to be the opposite sex or was your dream true?

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I dreamt of a baby girl but soon i know i was expecting a baby boy actually haha

According to the psychologist Carl Jung, everything in our dreams are a symbolic portrayal of some aspect of ourselves!

I dreamt i had a baby girl and to name her Ellie. And its really a baby girl!

Hi all. Just had my scan today. Turned out it's a GIRL!!!! So happy!!!!!!

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thank you😘

i had a dream about having a girl but it turns out i'm having a boy

Wells, my dreams came out true coincidentally for both my firstborn (girl) and secondborn (boy). But dreams are jz dreams🤗

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my hub dreamt it was a boy but end up girl

There is no correlation. Most important baby is healthy.😊

I dreamt my bb was a boy and everyone said the stomach shape looked like its a boy. Mine's a girl. LOL Congrats on your upcoming little baby! 🥰

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Just a dream, don't take it too serious. I dreamt I had twins thou but it turns out I had 1 boy 😅