Can i drink normal milk and not taking preg mum milk?

Hi everyone , i would like to ask your opinion, i only drank twice for preg milk , and i dont like it. Is it okay if i drink like HL or low fat milk or any milk ? Does it affect the baby growth or anything? I feel bit guilty for not drinking preg milk. #advicepls #1stimemom #firstbaby

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Don’t feel bad momma! Milk for pregnancy would help you with iron, calcium, folic acid, etc. it’s basically like a all in one drink to help you. I too didn’t like the taste of it. So this what I did - 1) FOR VITAMIN BOOSTER - consume chewable prenatal multi vitamins 2) FOR BABY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT -consume prenatal fish oil supplements 3) CALCIUM FOR BABY’s BONES - drink at least 400ml soy/almond milk every morning - if you don’t like soy, & rather drink cow milk, you’ll have to double the intake to 800ml cause animal milk has lower calcium compared to plant based milk. (You can check the back of the milk cartons & compare when you go grocery shopping) 4) IRON TO ENSURE SUFFICIENT BLOOD - eat 1 portion of meat/ 3 cups of cooked spinach everyday I am super careful with what I consume & I find pregnancy milk to be high in sugar & I’d rather consume what I can see for myself what’s in the food. I did this for my first pregnancy and for my current 2nd as well. My 1st born is now 2.5yo & he is extremely healthy. Doesn’t fall sick when he goes for his inoculations. So best is to always nourish yourself with the right foods during pregnancy so LO grows healthy. All the best!

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3mo ago

Sure! For prenatal fish oil I’m taking ‘Minami Nutrition Supercritical Prenatal, Omega 3 Fish Oil Lemon Flavour’ and for multi vitamins I’m taking ‘Garden of Life, MyKind Organics, Prenatal, Berry, Vegan Gummy Drops’. During my first I had to search high and low for them but found out I can get them from IHerb. These gummies helped me through my difficult morning sickness and also during postpartum. Hope they serve you well too!

hi mummy! don't worry too much! I also drank maternal milk twice thn stopped. hahaha! it won't affect the baby. but I do take vitamins prescribed by the doctor like fish oil, immune booster, obimin and iron pill(cause I have low blood count). the milk is the for the calcium to strengthen our bones cause when we're pregnant, our bones tend to get soft to accommodate baby's growth. so any milk will be fine actually. I drink HL low fat milk too! All the best for your pregnancy journey!

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Try not to drink HL because it is not pure milk. Drink fresh milk or other Pasteurised milk instead. Magnolia, Meiji, etc. I didn’t watch my diet for my firstborn and my current one, but I do control how much sugar intake daily. I eat as per normal, all cooked foods, veggies, fruits. My firstborn rarely falls sick too. Eat everything in moderation. Eat well-balanced meals. Small amount, frequently. Eat your vitamins as well, especially those prescribed by your doctor.

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I don't take any maternal milk from beginning till end for all my pregnancy. All goes well. Important is your food intake, supplement that gynae give for you n baby. No worries, if you have any concern best to speak up with your gynae. They know you best! Subsequently, when i feel want to drink milk, i usually will go for milk with dates ❤️

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don't worry too much! it's fine, maternal milk is just to make sure you dont feel hungry as much. i had trouble drinking plain maternal milk during my pregnancy, but i settled for strawberry and chocolate SimilacMum and Enfamum. go to their website and ask for samples, so you can try first before splurging. hope it helps! ♥️

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Hey mommy, don't feel guilty about it. I didn't drink any maternal milk because I hated the smell and taste. I just drink HL chocolate milk (in moderation) and Nutrisoy oats and quinoa milk. Just had my scan at 27th week and baby is all good. Most importantly, don't forget your prenatal vitamins and try to stay active .. :)

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i did not drink preg milk throughout but was actively drinking soya milk (vitasoy kind) and taking my supplements when i was pregnant. baby is currently 5m and is growing well. tbh preg milk did not even cross my mind when i was pregnant as i kept craving for soya

I didn’t drink any maternal milk thru out my entire pregnancy. I occasionally drank marigold Low fat milk or Nutrisoy reduced sugar. Baby came out fine. Do also take note of the sugars in maternal milk! 😃

it's perfectly ok to drink Normal milk, don't have to specially take maternity milk. can also use calcium + vit d supplement to replace milk if you can't stomach it too.

HL milk with cereals is all I can eat during the early weeks of pregnancy.. didnt take any maternity milk too.. but I am taking multi vitamins prescribed by doctor.