Nauseous due to taking care bb

I don't know why I feel nauseous and headache almost everyday. Since nanny left I been looking after bb . I wake up once a night to feed bb. Day time also didn't do much. Carry on feed him etc. I feel I got sleep enough just do not know why I still feel unwell. Maybe I am old body weaker and also done c sec. Today bb hit 3months. I do have time to sleep but sometimes can't fall asleep. Feeling very irritated and wonder how come other people can do yet I can't.

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i had similar feeling during 1st 3 months. likely because of hormones changes. do not think too much and ask for help when you need

1y ago

i am 34 younger than you and i can't even handle one. you are doing well by giving birth to a baby. there are many married couples who do not even dare to have a child. it will get easier and better. my baby is 9 months and i am having fun with him. ask gro help when you are tired. spend sometime alone if can. my mood and energy improved when i went back to work and i had help from parents