I don't know if I have any milk supply. My LO has been latching on but he doesn't seem full after 3 to 4 times latching about 5 to 10mins apart. So I will give my LO formula because he is so hungry. My LO is 2 weeks old and he usually need to intake 60ml formula. I really thought of giving up breastfeeding. I am depress...

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hi mummy, what makes you think that baby is not full? In order to see whether is fully taking in milk or comfort latch, look at his swallowing. If he is drinking big gulp, then pause and continue it means that he is drinking. 2 weeks old newborn stomach capacity are still small. They would drink very often. Just hang in there to latch and not let the Formula milk there affect your determination

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Totally understand how u feel! I went thru the same thing.. my bb is a milk Monster ! Haha ! It may be that bb finds it more difficult to suckle from the breast as compared to bottle ( due to being very young) it will get better. Jiayou