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Hi. I will be delivering at KKH soon. But i am restless as my last scan was done when i was in my 28 weeks. After that the next appointment was in my 32nd week but the doctor just check the fetal heart rate. Literally went inside the room for 5mins and done. The doctor did not give any assurance at all. Just say baby heart rate is good and normal. Same thing happened during my 36 week. Again doctor check for fetal heart rate and say can come back next week. Same thing again during my 37 week. Why arent they doing any scans or check whether my cervix has dilate? Or the weight of my baby? I have another appointment next week on my 38 week. Dont know if i should go as feel like its a waste of time. All they do is check fetal heart rate and ask to go home.

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hi mummy! im gg to be delivering in KKH soon as well. Just went for my 37week check up & im under subsidy. The doc usually just ask if you are okay or have any concerns if you have any questions. They also repeatedly discuss my pain relief method of labour & answer all my questions diligently as im a first time mum! I asked them if there would be anymore scans done & they said not unless there is reason to. But im planning to go for all my check ups anyways because its heartwarming & assuring to know my child is doing okay. My journey as a subsidised patient has been wonderful & im thankful for that. I also asked the doc whats gg to happen on 38&39 weeks check up! 38weeks would just be a regular check up, fetal heart rate, more & more questions. & on my 39weeks, they will do a vaginal check to see if u are dilating. If you are not then they will go thru the next plan of actions (wait for baby to come natural/induce etc)

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few more days! Have u went for ur 39wks checkup? & did they scheduled a day to induce?

It’s normal. Don’t think too much about it. My 1st pregnancy also the same, towards the end of 3rd trimester, most of it was just checking fetal heart rate until I give birth. The last scan was 36weeks (baby was bpreviously in breech position) and they did a bacteria swab test and checked my cervix which was 1cm dilated. Next 2 appts were on my 38th and 39th week which were just to heart fetal heart rate. I was quite concerned as well and thought it was a waste of time and money but at least I get to hear baby’s heartbeat, I was thankful was to my heart’s content. I gave birth at 40 weeks via emergency c-sect.

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No the gynae did not recommend me to do such procedure maybe because still got time for baby to turn. But I did engage a Makcik Urut to help massage my tummy since I was in my “7th month” already and mom advised me to just urut. Alhamdulillah baby turned after that, not sure because of urut, my constant pujuk or it was just time for her to turn. 😅

are u on subsidised? cos i also have 2 appointments that didnt hv any scans but just to see the gynae and listen to thr heartbeat. i think at least listening will reassure u that baby is growing well too. dont worry so much!

Some mommies skip some of their appointments, but I rather go even just to listen to heartbeat. Like you said, they don't scan any more but it is reassuring to know baby is doing OK.

It's important to go to all your appointments especially when you're nearing your delivery. Maybe you can ask the gynae all your questions when you see him/her next.

I had my scan at 32 wk.