Atrial tachycardia - High heart Rate and pregnant

I was diagnose and hospitalisation for Atrial tachycardia - High heart Rate when i was 28/29 weeks. Baby was monitored and baby seems to be ok and normal . But my heart rate still irregular and high. Im on medication till i give birth and it has help to lower my heart rate but its still high and irregular at times. Im 37 weeks now and im worried that if there would be complication during labour and delivery. Anyone else has same and similar condition ? Were u able to delivery safely ? Were there complications with you or baby ? Half of me I feel like i want to be induce now since 37 weeks is considered full term as im afraid a few more week baby is bigger and harder to push out during labor and also the heart medication im taking though its said not to have effects on baby but i still worried . But the other half of me wants baby stay inside until she is ready to come out.

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I've same issue during my pregnancy Gynae advice me to have a full check up at cardio specialist, which I didn't n no medication. i monitor my heart rate 5 times a day at home, keep myself calm n slow down my daily activity speed. I've csec at week 37, heart rate back to normal after delivery. Baby is healthy 😊 It's your body, no one know better than yourself. Do what u think is good for yourself n baby 😊

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Thank you for sharing.