May I check with all mummies and daddies who had experience~ when lo is having high fever 40 degree Celsius currently 6 months plu and I fed him with the fever medicine given by poly as he recently just had his immunization injection~ do I send him to hospital as his fever up and down ~ just this morning he had fever~

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Yes you need, temperature 39.5 need doctor advice. but in my case my son have fever up to 39.6 I when to hospital the doctor give my son paracetamol and tap him with wet cloth let him cold down to 37.3 then we can go home. I was at the hospital about 3 hours time that is very tried.

Please bring him to the hospital as soon as possible! My boy is prone to febrile seizure and it's really heartbreaking to see him going through it. At the meantime try to bring down his temperature by sponging him and showering him in lukewarm water.

Bring him to see the doctor first. Usually for high fever, doctor will prescribe ibuprofen.

Yes, send your kid to the doctor or hospital, whichever one!

Pls send him to hospital right away