6 months old fever vaccine

my 6 months old just had his vaccination today. previous time he had a low grade fever but i didnt have a proper thermometer to measure.. this time around im monitoring him more frequently. his body is really warm, but his temperature is always between 36.8-37. but he feels really warm. infact the scanning thermometer showed 35-36 degrees. is this considered fever? should I be concerned about his body heating up?

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hi. I actually feel the same way with my baby. After vaccination she tends to get 'warmer' than usual so I always check with the thermometer but result will be 37degrees. my hubby thinks I'm being paranoid 😅 coz even night time I check 2-3 times but still no fever. 😊guess we should try to relax more.

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3y ago

so true. thank you. im relieved. because previous vaccination he was very very warm but his temp was around 37.5. this time also warm but temp wasnt even a borderline fever. cant help it. ftm. 7 years waiting for him everything also i paranoid haha. but he got better the next day. kept making him wear thin clothes alrdy to keep him cool.

Super Mum

36 degree celcius is not fever.

3y ago

yes but is it normal babies tend to be warmer after the vaccination?