My LO is 8MO and is having high fever since yesterday morning. No diarrhea, maybe just 1 less wet diaper than usual. Went to a GP last night and was told to monitor his temp after giving meds. Doc said there were no signs of ear infection or stomach discomfort although my LO did throw up thrice earlier, about an hour or 2 after a feeding. Gave neurofen last night and his temp dropped to 37.4. He woke up at 5am today and his temp shot up to 39 again. Gave him paracetemol as it has to be given alternately with the neurofen and his temp is still at 38.8 after an hour. Should i wait it out or should i bring him to KKH if his temp remains high? It's been more than 24 hours since he had his fever.

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My 9mo daughter’s viral fever (also up to 39 deg) took 4 days to come down with paracetamol round the clock, and ibuprofen once, plus the tepid sponging. Went to the polyclinic on day 4 of the fever and she had a blood test and urine test done. After the fever settled, she had a viral rash for a couple of days, then she recovered.

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The temperature is very high and worrying. Should go immediately for more detailed checking.

Did u sponge him yet?


Should go