High fever 39.3

My 9 months old baby had fever 3 days ago untill now has not yet settle down. Went to clinic and docter given Bifen. Afterall docter advise in 2 days time if fever still high proceed to KKH. I also did sponge but seems doesnt work. Has i experience baby with high fever easily to get fits. Should I just follow docter advise or just proceed to the hospital?

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Ibuprofen should bring down the temperature. If it didn't at all then you should bring your baby to the hospital. If it did then you may consider to give paracetamol 3 hours after given ibuprofen but check is the temperature going up first before you give paracetamol. If is not then need not have to give. You may also want to consider to bring your baby for TCM tuina (similar as massage) which may help to bring down the temperature. The clinic is located opposite the Kembangan MRT station. https://www.yuguotcm.com.sg/ Above are my 2 cents worth for your consideration. Please bring your baby to the hospital if fever doesn't subside. Take care.

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2y ago

Don't mention. Glad to hear that her temperature has subsided. The red dots could be the cause after fever, should be alright. Do monitor and consult doctor if need. Take care.

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Go hosp

2y ago

Thank you dear...