Baby doesn't like the taste of milk powder

Hi mommies has anyone here experience baby didn't like the taste of milk powder, like he taste it first then he will refuse to drink after, my 3 month old son always finish his drink halfway sometimes drink 60 ml only when he is so hungry then after he will refuse to drink his milk I am so worried as 1 month he is like this already, what shall I do? Do I need to change his current formula milk? He is on Nan optipro

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Try to change the milk powder. Maybe because of the taste also. My son was on that very brand too and he hated it. He kept pushing away the milk until I changed it to a different brand

3y ago

I will try other brand hope he will like it and no spit up if I change, as I am always stress during feeding time

I did mix feeding but more on formula, I did change his milk last time as he got bad reflux although this Nan his reflux and spit up ok I did change the teat but he stilldrink half

is he on Formula from the start or? have you tried changing the teats?