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Can I ask anybody know can we consume any Chinese herbs during pregnancy period? Like ginseng, dang dui etc?

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My tcm himself told me to avoid Chinese medicine during my entire pregnancy. Only after giving birth then look for him for breastfeeding herbs

Not advised especially both the herbs mentioned above... Check with the Chinese physician or the medical hall staff if unsure.

I don't think can.i only ate some Hong zao but not so much scared too heaty for the baby end up having red dots after birth

Been told not to intake dang gui after I ate dian Xiao er dang gui duck. 😐 It was too late. Somemore I ate twice.

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As a rule of thumb, avoid Chinese herbs and tonic during first trimester. This is what my gynae told me.

I asked an Eu Ren Sheng staff before, answer is Cannot. Too 'nutritious & heaty' for baby.

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I checked with the TCM physician and they advised me not to take from unknown sources.

You may consult with TCM doctors. Otherwise better not.

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Both are not advisable to consume during pregnancy.

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Ginseng and dangui is no no for pregnancy.