Milk and more milk!

I am always worried about my child is not taking enough nutrients because she is a picky eater, she don't takes vegetables or meat. That's why instead of fresh milk I am still giving her Formula milk. Are there mummy still giving formula milk to their toddler? 🥛🍼🥛🍼

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I was given fm milk to my kid untill he is 3 years , as he is also picky eater .. now have stopped n giving fresh milk n food .. as he also don’t like to eat veggies n meat ... so I give him dal porridge .. it have almost if the proteins n nutrients .. I add leafy veggies as well together I cook n give him once a week atleast ..

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2y ago

I know it’s kind of Indian style food .. but it’s very good for kids .. dal n rice in equal quantity pressure cook untill it’s completely soft n temper it with jeera ghee or butter n a pinch of turmeric