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My daughter just turned 1 yr old. Since she is fussy eater, I'm still giving her formula milk. But can I give both formula milk & fresh milk..? As in maybe 2 feeds of formula milk n 1 feed of fresh milk per day.#advicepls #firsttimemom

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While there are some sources recommending fresh milk for toddlers after 12 months, but I will still recommend formula till 24 mths or till my child rejects formula. The nutrients in formulated milk are higher and i felt more assured. S-26 is known for the nutrients for brain and eye development, and also 2'-FL... which no fresh milk can provide. Sometime, Fresh milk are nutrigrade C and D.... If the child is fussy, and only 12 mths, I rather play safe and feed her formula to make sure every drop counts

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my girl is 26months old, her daily milk intake as follow: 3 x Formula 180ml each feed, 1pkt 125ml full cream milk, 1cup fresh milk at school during tea break . no breakfast, only 180ml Formula lunch and dinner eat well

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