prenatal depression

I am at 25 weeks and I have totally lost my appetite. Im crying too frequently and isolating myself from the world. I find myself bursting in rage quite often also resulting in my isolation as i dont want to hurt anyone else even my close friends. i did achieve peace. my husband has always been there for me but some things he can never understand. we have been waiting for this child for so long. idk why am i feeling so depressed lately. i dont have the privilege to cook in own kitchen or fill up own fridge. it is shared and most of the time i can only cook past midnight when everyone is asleep. i feel like i have to force food down my throat. is this depression? or is it just part of the medication from gestational diabetes? im always hungry but whenever it is time to eat i feel like theres a gun pointing to my head or being forced fed. i feel pain down my throat as i swallow. and often times im gagging. can never go more thn 3-4 bites. should I go for counseling? which hospital or centre offers that service? or should i just find some appetite boosting supplements? i want to be able to eat all the nutritious food for my son’s sake but nobody seems to understand and keep telling me im picky.

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I have similar problem. Constantly feeling very hungry but couldnt finish my foods. I think it is due to my gassy stomach and demand from building the baby. Why don't drink more milk or soups if you're unable to swallow. They are just as good for our baby. Cut and prepare some fruits like guava (very good for baby head and control diabetes) and papaya to keep in the chiller. Or buy some healthy snacks such as nuts, crackers etc. You can eat them straight whenever you want and don't have to wait for the kitchen. It's very normal to feel hungry constantly during pregnancy because we use lot energy to build the baby. Ganbatte..

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kkh offers services for depressed mommies, i'm currently seeing one! talk to your doctor, let her know about how things have been and ask if you can see a psychiatrist about this. its really helpful!