Why do I have small pregnancy belly 😥😥😥😥😥😥

I am 16 weeks pregnant and Most of people says my belly is too small. This is my 1st pregnancy. I checked with my doctor and he said my baby is growing well. but I am still worried and I get annoyed when other people ask about my belly

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Dont bother what others says about how big or how small ur belly is mummy!! As long as baby is healthy and growing well, that is way IMPORTANT! My belly wasnt big until im reaching at 19weeks! People thought im just FAT. And now im at 33weeks and i have people called king kong.. i even have my colleague say this to me "from front u look pregnant but from behind u look FAT." Yes its a pain in the a** hearing this but always tell yourself this, ure the mother of the baby, ure carrying ur baby for 9 months, u go thru the pregnancy cycle, and only certain people around you WILL understand.. TRUST ME, ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE AND IGNORE ALL THIS HUMANS!!! At the end of the day, WE ARE GOING THRU THE PAIN NOT THEM. Hugs and much LOVE MUMMY!! Stay POSITIVE!!!❤️❤️❤️

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2mo ago

sending some love to u babe, ure 1 hella strong mummy!💪

It’s normal for your belly to be smaller during first pregnancy. Moreover you’re only at 16 weeks, mine showed only at week 25, even so, my colleagues don’t even know I’m pregnant till 8m into my pregnancy. Don’t bother about what people comment, mouth is on them, we cannot stop them but we can choose to ignore. As long as baby is growing well, don’t worry too much on the belly size or mummy’s weight. Don’t stress over unnecessary comments. Go stress on what good food to eat or what colour clothings to buy instead! 😊

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my preggo belly is also quite small tbh & i'm at 22 weeks day 1 now but for my case to me it's understandable as i have health issues; anaemia, gastritis & asthma so it's hard for me to gain lots of weight only recently i went out with my mom & aunt wearing a oversized thick fitting sweater my aunt noticed tht baby's bump is poking out + just now when i went out for awhile i saw for myself my baby boy's not so big/small cute lil bump revealing itself hehe 🥰 so please don't worry it's perfectly normal momma ❣️

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People WILL talk. Regardless of size. Mine has been huge all along due to my petite body and even then, people would come to me and say “aiyo u do what until ur tummy so big” commented on how ugly tummy would with stretch marks for the size that i am carrying. Even say husband will leave me as my tummy will be big after i give birth. Mummy, please note that what matters most is baby is healthy and doing fine. Doctors knows best. Goodluck!

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don't worry about the small belly! I rmbr during my pregnancy, people only started giving up their seats to me when I was almost due! the rest of the time I just look like I ate a buffet.. belly size doesn't matter as long as baby is growing well.. in fact I think its good cuz you can still fit into your clothing longer before needing to get bigger size ones.. just brush it off when people make such comments..

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Don’t worry about it, I wear fitted clothes and you could only really tell that I’m pregnant at 22 weeks (now). At 16 weeks, I just look like I had a big lunch. A colleague asked if I put on weight 😂 rude! I just said “yeah, I’ve been eating a lot” and laughed it off. 🤣 it’s a good thing cos I can still fit into a lot of my usual clothes ✌🏽

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It might be pass down from ur mum. I have small preggy belly too and it is a blessing (i.e less tired and not so restrictive). I am in my 3rd trimester, and it looks like some other 2nd trimester belly size. No worry so much, baby will hav enough space for growth even thought it might look small from the outside.

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I’m a ftm too and nobody could really tell I’m pregnant till I was 28 weeks pregnant because really I just looked like I gained weight 😅 Don’t let what others say get to you! As long as your gynae says baby is growing well and doesn’t raise any concerns, you’re doing good!

It’s normal! Not many people are able to tell I’m pregnant until I’m 8/9mths pregnant with my first born.. For my case, I will joke with people “ya I know I don look like pregnant but look overate right?” This is e best effective way to stop people to continue commenting to me.. 🤣

take it as a compliment, that you had a fit and tight core pre pregnancy! my bump is small too and I'm happy with it, as I wouldn't have the other pains, the other mummies had e.g: pelvic pain etc. don't worry about it. most importantly you and the baby are healthy. size doesn't matter!