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Hello hello! My husband wants to order confinement meals for me instead of getting our confinement nanny to cook due to the following reasons: 1. Grocery money would end up about the same as confinement catering (his friend say one). 2. Its alot of work for the nanny to prep all three meals and clean up when the time can be better spent at taking care of the baby. I have no idea what groceries would cost $300+ a week actually. So I really don't think it makes economical sense to cater food when we have already engaged a nanny. Any advice?

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1. Grocery money is expensive depends on the ingredients u buy. For example: the type of fish u want to eat, the grade of the herbs inside the tea/soup (ie: quality). And you can ask the nanny to cook the food u wanna eat & the frequency compared to pre determined menu. 2. Actually not true. The nanny are trained to take care of baby + cook etc. And newborn is eat , poop , sleep, repeat. And if you are breastfeeding, the baby is with you for feeding. And if you remove the cooking, the nanny job is to change diaper + bathe baby only? Baby only wake up to feed + interact awhile with you, then goes back to slp. And honestly, if baby wake up, I think you want to hold and bond with the baby & wouldn’t pass the baby to nanny (except at night). My nanny can cook + clean + have her afternoon rest time in room watch YouTube or chitchat with us. However, sometime we need to look after the baby when the baby wakes up (eg: feed ) when she cooks which is perfectly fine with us.

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Hello! 1. depending on the groceries you need - ie. esp the fresh fish/ other ingredients/herbs the nanny need to get for you. The amount can possibly add up to be equivalent amount to the confinement food delivery. BUT, it is definitely fresher n more tasty to get your CL to cook! the caterer is fixed menu and by the time it gets delivered, its barely warm. and they tend to rotate the same dishes every few days. the soup is not as tasty, tend to be diluted. I personally got confinement food delivery and I got sick of it within a week 😅 and ended up my mother had to cook fresh items for me (we didnt get any CL due to lock down) Newborn babies will sleep more in their 1st month. An experienced CL should be able to manage all the cooking, and caregiving tasks easily.

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if you already engaged a nanny don't need to cater food. you find a professional nanny they sure can handle very well in both taking care of you and your baby. anyway nb most of the time are sleeping.

Hi, I personally prefer home prepared meal and the groceries if bought in bulk should actually lead to savings. But at the end of the day it really is a personal choice